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Washington Post Analysis on CPAC Winners and Losers


Who is the idiot you see above?  That would be Chris Cillizza.

The Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual rite of passage for Republicans with an eye on the presidency, concluded over the weekend with Texas Rep. Ron Paul emerging as the winner of the gathering’s 2012 straw poll.

But, sometimes winning can actually be closer to losing — as in Paul’s case - and losing (or at least not finishing in the top few in the straw poll) can mask a winning performance at the three-day convention.

Why is winning better than losing?  Never explained, although my guess is that Chris has a bias against Ron Paul so wanted to downplay the fact that Ron Paul won.

This is the note made about Ron Paul:


Ron Paul: Yes, he won the straw poll for the second straight year. But, Paul’s speech to the CPAC crowd - heavy on talk of defunding the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as odd pronouncements like “government should never be able to do anything you can’t do” - displayed the limits of his reach within the GOP. Paul is a sensation, to be sure. But with a sliver of the Republican electorate.

Wait, let me get this straight… Ron Paul has a sliver of the Republican electorate… Yet he won CPAC two years straight.  If Paul only has a sliver of support, then how much support do the people that lost to him have?

With imbeciles like Chris Cillizza, is it any wonder why most national news papers are dying off?